The Morning After — Helios Remembered

She was 22, beautiful, and had already felt more of life’s hard knocks than she deserved.

He was two weeks old, and not exactly beautiful.  But she thought so.

Everyone told her it was no use, that he was too young, but she fed him with an eye-dropper every few hours for weeks.  She took a chance, and gave him a chance — and her love.  And he gave her his.

They both made it.

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The Creatures of Darkness

28 April, 2003

The Creatures of Darkness are three in number. Their appetites are vast. Woe betide him who comes between them and their prey. Those who dare to open the sacred doors and convey to them the sacrament — the holy fish — the tuna — shall have their ankles stropped, and strident wails shall assail their ears until the Creatures’ appetites are appeased. So mote it be.

And rightly so.

I just flat love cats. Ours are all black. If the suckers really are bad luck, we’re toast. And I speak for both My-Wife-The-Shrink and myself when I say that we don’t care. Continue reading