The Morning After — Helios Remembered

She was 22, beautiful, and had already felt more of life’s hard knocks than she deserved.

He was two weeks old, and not exactly beautiful.  But she thought so.

Everyone told her it was no use, that he was too young, but she fed him with an eye-dropper every few hours for weeks.  She took a chance, and gave him a chance — and her love.  And he gave her his.

They both made it.

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A Snail Named Pseu

My-Wife-The-Shrink keeps snails. When she moved into her new office, she figured it would be nice to have a fishbowl with a few pretty fish, so she got some neon tetras and put them in this huge brandy snifter. Well, the tetras did the same thing as just about every neon I’ve ever owned — they rapidly departed for the big fishpond in the sky. So, on the theory that it might be more durable, she got this snail and named it Pseu. Continue reading